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We started to plant flowers on one of the the organic farms where our bees live. We chose flowers that bees love, to say thank you for all the amazing honey, pollen, wax and pollination. Thank you bees!


Every bee counts. Every Flower counts.

We are inviting you to keep your own honey bees and to create a paradise garden for all native bees:

  • Create habitat for the 4,000 different species of native bees in the U.S. Some types of bees nest in the ground and need a sunny area with bare soil.  Other native bees use holes in the ground, tunnels, holes in trees, or stems as their home.  Put up empty bee boxes with comb.
  • Avoid all pesticides. 
  • Offer a source of fresh water with floats.
  • Visit you local school and teach the children about the bees, so they feel inspired to protect them and to create gardens for the bees, too.
  • Plant lots of native bee friendly plants. Have some flowers that bloom in the spring, some in the summer, and others in the fall. We have listed them below.
  • Help create new gardens, maybe along a road, in parks and so on. 
  • We offer small honey bears filled with seeds on our webpage. They are just one dollar per bear, and all proceeds will be spent to promote this cause.
  • Email us more ideas, so we can put them up here, or post them on our Facebook page. Beekeeper Mike.


Here is a list of bee friendly plants. They are not only beautiful but will also create a great buzz in your yard.:

Spring Blooming Perennials for Bees
Alexanders (Zizia species)
Anemone (Anemone species)
Beardtongue (Penstemon species)
Bleeding Hearts et al. (Dicentra species)
Goat’s Beard (Aruncus dioicus)
Hepatica (Hepatica species)
Jacob’s Ladder (Polemonium species)
Lupine (Lupinus species)
False Indigo and Wild Indigo (Baptisia species)
Phlox (spring blooming Phlox species)
Prairie Smoke (Geum species)
Scorpionweed (Phacelia species)
Spiderwort (Tradescantia species)
Waterleaf (Hydrophyllum species)
Wild Geranium (Geranium species)
Wild Onion and Wild Garlic (Allium species)

Summer Blooming Perennials for Bees
Blanketflower (Gaillardia species)
Blazing Star (Liatris species)
Coneflower (Echinacea species)
Culver’s Root (Veronicastrum species)
Evening Primrose (Oenothera species)
False Sunflower (Heliopsis species)
Fireweed (Chamerion species)
Giant Hyssop (Agastache species)
Great Blue Lobelia (Lobelia siphilitica)
Harebell (Campanula species)
Horsemint (Monarda Punctata)
Ironweed (Vernonia species)
Joe-Pye Weed & Boneset (Eupatorium, Eutrochium and Eupatoriadelphus species)
Milkweed (Asclepias species)
Mountain Mint (Pycnanthemum species)
Phlox (summer blooming Phlox species)
Prairie Clover (Dalea species)
Prickly Pear (Opuntia species)
Rattlesnake Master (Eryngium species)
Stonecrop (Sedum species)
Tickseed (Coreopsis species)
Wild Bergamot (Monarda fistulosa)
Wild Sage (Salvia species)
Vervain (Verbena species)

Fall Blooming Perennials for Bees
Aster (Symphyotrichum and Eurybia species)
False Aster (Boltonia species)
Gentian (Gentiana species)
Golden Aster (Chrysopsis species)
Goldenrod (Solidago species)
Mist Flower (Conoclinium coelestinum)
Obedient Plant (Physostegia species)
Sneezeweed (Helenium species)
Sunflower (Helianthus species)
Turtlehead (Chelone species)
White Snakeroot (Ageratina altissima)


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