Tutorial on How to Install a Package of Bees.

Posted by Beekeeper Mike on

I really like this tutorial.

Here is what I would add:

Your queen in the package is in a NEW TYPE of self releasing cage. Please read the instructions below:


  • Please remove the tape on the queen cage.

    The candy is already in the entrance of the cage, so you don't need to take any plug out.  It is a self releasing cage.

    As soon as the tape is removed, the cage is ready to go into the hive and the bees can start eating the sugar which is blocking the entrance of the queen cage.

  • Place the queen in-between frames, pinching the cage with the candy side down and the screen of the queen cage in the open so she can breathe.
  • Take a few frames out of the beehive and dump the bees from the package into the hive, leaving the cage in front of the beehive after, so remaining bees can join the hive.
  • Please feed the bees sugar syrup
    ( 50 : 50 water and white sugar) and pollen patties for about 3 weeks.

  • Please don NOT open your hive for about one week, so the bees can settle in and get used to their new queen. 

    Thank you for keeping bees!
    Beekeeper Mike

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