Hand Made Candles California Beeswax

100% Pure, Raw Bees Wax Candles. The wax made by Californian bees and the candles were crafted by hand by Californian bee keepers.

All our candles are made from the purest beeswax, the capping wax. This is the wax of the "lids" of the comb and is harvested when the cells are cut open to collect the honey.

Your nose will be delighted to smell the mixture of bees wax and honey. Your eyes will enjoy the soft light. Burning bees wax candles purify the air and fill it with a sweet and natural scent. 

As a family business we make all our candles by hand and collect molds from all over the world. Some of the molds we made ourselves, based on art we made with ceramics or based on interesting objects we found. The Buddha heads, for example, are one of a kind, based on Buddha heads out of stone from China Town in San Francisco.

If you have an object you love, and would like to make a candle out of it, send it to us, and we will be happy to create a very personal candle for you. Just email us your ideas to