PICK UP your Beehive & Get your Private Beekeeping Lesson

PICK UP your Beehive & Get your Private Beekeeping Lesson

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Meet you beekeeper to pick up your bees at the bee yard and get your beekeeping lesson.  

You will get personal instructions on how to handle your hive, how to work with it over the year and how to keep it save and healthy.  This is a unique one on one beekeeping experience and a real treat. Beekeeper Mike has kept bees for over forty years and is happy to show you all the basics or offer you a Master's class.

The price includes a very well maintained and local Bay Area full size beehive and your Private Beekeeping Lesson of one hour. 

 A single story beehive includes 

  • Ten frames with  9 5/8'' frames
  • 2 frames of young bees
  • brood in all stages of development
  • a laying queen
  • honey and pollen stores
  • ventilated top and bottom with feeding whole 
  • One used wooden bee box

Please be aware that we have a no refund policy on live bees once they are ordered. If you don't agree with our no refund policy, please make sure to cancel your order of live bees within 24 hours.

Thank you!





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