Nuc in a 5 Frame Hive WITH SHIPPPING

  • 26500

          • Italian bees
          • 2017 laying queen
          • bred for gentleness and high honey production

          • The 6 5/8 box comes with five shallow frames.
          • pick up in San Francisco area, in Portola Valley, CA 94028
          • pick up in Los Angeles area, in Newhall, CA 91321

          • shipping in California and Washington State, Oregon, Nevada

          • SHIPPING will start in April 2017, with USPS Ground. Shipping is included. 
          • Nuc bees are shipped US Postal Service, Priority Mail Ground Transportation. Packages that are shipped will be stopped at your local post office and you will be given a phone call from your local postmaster letting you know they are there for pick-up. You, the customer, will have to pick these nucs up and inspect the package in front of your postmaster to insure your Honey Bees arrived in good condition. 

Please be aware that we have a no refund policy on live bees once they are ordered. If you don't agree with our no refund policy, please make sure to cancel your order of live bees within 24 hours.


The nuc will maintain most of its young bees during spring while a traditional 3lb screened package will lose 50% of its bees in the first month. A 5 frame wooden box nuc will produce hatching new bees right away. This is a significant advantage, especially in hard drought conditions. The nuc will have  a work force comprised of young bees who will live longer than traditional screened package bees. One frame of brood will create one an a half frames of bees. So, while a nuc might begin with less adult bees, in a short time they will far surpass the growth of a screened 3lb package. The 5 frame nuc will give you an important head start in this shortened spring. The nuc will gain you a month of production and give you twice the bees and a much better chance of making surplus honey.


The queens and bees are Italians

They are bred for gentleness, excellent hygienic behavior and high honey production.

They are bred in CA and have performed well in various 
climates throughout the USA.

The queens are mated in an area saturated with the best surviving stock available.

The package 5 frame nucs come with a new 2016 mated and established queen. The queens are not marked.

These 5 frame nucs include 

  • Five frames with 9 5/8'' drawn frames 
  • young bees
  • brood in all stages of development
  • a laying queen
  • honey and pollen stores
  • ventilated top and bottom with feeding whole 
  • One used wooden nuc box 






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