Customer Feedback

  • The bees are doing well!

  • Hi MikeHey Mike,
    I am enjoying my bees so much. Put them in last Sat afternoon, they are building comb like crazy, storing pollen and nectar , and combs are pretty straight in my Top bar hive. It was fun picking them up last week, meeting people , and just having a great time. Its a little more daunting then I thought . The life energy is just amazing when you go in. Thanks,
    Anyway, this is old news to you, but just wanted to thank you for this great new passion of mine and how great the bees are.Thanks,

  • Last spring we purchased a NUC in a 5 frame hive from you and we had such success with it, we decided last night I would try to purchase another from you.....

  • Hey Mike
    The last package I picked up is doing fabulously. Thanks for the great bees


  • Mike
    Bees here safe and sound. Look great very few loses! Thank you. Will spread the word. Have an awesome day!
  • Mike
    the bees are in their hive and settling in thanks so much for doing this, it's wonderful to have locally produced bees!

  • Mike
    Your package of bees came in last week in excellent shape--its had the least dead bees I have ever received in a package.  They seem to have a really sweet disposition, despite having the weather turn bad when they came.

    Many thanks for the great service.
    Dr. G. G. S.

  • Hello, My name is Dylan. I bought a bunch of bee and a queen from you. I am more than happy with the order and they are doing very well. I was wondering just what type I bought from you? Much thanks for you time.

  • Thank you so much for your email! I have retrieved the bees from the post office and they are full of vigor. Thanks again, Kali

  • Hey there, I did receive the bees the day before I left, and they are settling in and beyond happy! Thank you so much!

  • Hi Mike,
    Thanks for everything- I just wanted to confirm to you I received my two hives in Reno, NV Tuesday afternoon and the queens and hives are alive and in excellent condition. Thanks for providing a wonderful service and I am looking forward to doing business with you for years to come.

  • Hello,  Our order came this am.  Beautiful Bees! Friendly too!  They are happily flying in and out of their New top bar hive.  Thanks for the great service. Karen, Columbia, Ca.

  • Mike
    Just wanted to say thanks for the bees the mailman delivered my 5 frame Nuc today. The weather was nice and in the low 70s so I installed the bees in their new hive right away. I did not use any smoke only a few mists with some sugar water. The queen was free and loose on arrival I spotted her right away she was moving along doing her thing. The bees looked very healthy and I only had about 40 to 50 dead bees. I have given the bees some sugar water to help them get started they have taken to the hive and I have already noticed bees foraging and bringing pollen back Thank you so much. I will only buy bees from you in the future.

  • Any way just wanted to say thank you for the fast shipping and excellent packaging, thanks so much Im a very happy customer.

    Photos by the authors of the feedback and : Happy Culteur Jean Lou