• What is the breed of your bees? 

    We sell Italian bees, raised in California with 2015 queens.

  • What are the pick up dates and locations for bee packages, nucs and full size beehives?
    San Francisco area (Portola Valley CA 94028) pick up:  Saturdays, April 4th and 11th, and 18th and 25th 2015
    at 10 a.m. After these dates we can meet you individually. Just email us after you have ordered. 

    We also deliver beehives and nucs and teach beekeeping in your yard.

    • In which climate do your bees thrive?
      Our bees have been doing great in all climates throughout the USA.
    • Can I cancel my order of live bees (bee packages, nucs and bee hives?)
      You can cancel an order of live bees within 24 hours. 
    • I'm starting to see ants around my hives and I'm kind of worried. Do you have any advice you can give me regarding ants?

      You can mix orange oil with water and spray it around the beehive. You can do the same with diatomaceous earth. Both methods are all natural and keep the ants away.