Delivery and Refund Policy

You may return all purchased items except live bees, bee food and food.

Sales of products such as package bees, nucs, beehives, honey, pollen, sugar syrup and pollen patties, are therefore final

If you prepay an order of live bees to reserve them and you change your mind you may ask for a refund within two business days. After that period the sale is final.

You may return all other unused products such as equipment within one month of purchase. We will refund you once the product was returned to us.

When you ask us to ship live bees and they are compromised or dead we cannot refund them because we can not control the USPS shipping conditions. The bees leave our hands in excellent condition, and most of the time shipping works out fine but there is always the risk that the bees get overheated etc. Shipping is therefore at the buyer's risk. Be aware that we insure shipments of live bees. But you need to contest the shipment with USPS upon pick up. If not, the insurance will not pay.

Delivery, shipping and pick up dates of live bees can change due to weather and unforeseen events. If such a date needs to be changed, we will contact you to inform you of the earliest available date and try to accommodate you as well as possible. 

Please call (805)616 0187