Create Your Own Pollinator Garden.

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We will create a honey bee and pollinator garden for you in your yard.

Hire us by the hour ($75.00) and make your choice:

  • We will design a garden with you that will attract and feed beautiful pollinators. We offer ideas on which plants to choose, how to set up water sources and living spaces for the pollinators and how to make your yard irresistible for pollinators. We work with organic seeds and soil and will share with you on how to protect your plants while keeping them save for the bees, butterflies and many more. We will show you good living spaces in your yard for pollinators and locations for beehives.

  • We will bring you honey bees and help you install and place your hive. You can also find it fun to take private bee lessons in your yard.

  • We will bring you the plants and soil you chose and you plant them or hire someone to help you.

  • We will plant your plants with you. This can be a fun project for children or anyone who likes to start out with gardening or who simply likes help and company while planting.

  • We serve the the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, San Jose and Half Moon Bay.

  • Please note that we visit your school free of charge to study live bees and to plant bee friendly flowers with the young scientist.

photos of all flowers by @extremehapinez on Instagram

photo of beehive by @bee.boys on Instagram

photo of beeswarm by @beulthousebees on Instagram

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