Protein with Fresh Pollen Patty 10lb PICK UP

Protein with Fresh Pollen Patty 10lb PICK UP

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Protein Supplement

This unique ready to feed protein supplement has been developed, refined and field tested for over 40 years. We have developed a quality protein supplement and tested it on 1,000’s of hives in California. Scarce food times and recent drought history has created an urgent need for a high quality and high protein (+18%) feed supplement. We have formulated the patty with the finest ingredients with an optimal particle size specific to bees digestive needs. Feeding a high quality feed supplement ensures continuous brood rearing resulting in strong healthy hives.

  • ➢  Natural ingredients

  • ➢  Complete and Balanced amino acid profile

  • ➢  High nutrition with real flower pollen

  • ➢  No animal by-products

  • ➢  Custom milled particle size for easy digestion and absorbtion of nutrients

  • ➢  With added sugar syrup, virgin coconut oil, lipids, lecithin, essential oils

    and citric acid

  • ➢  Essential oils add strong antimicrobial and antiviral properties

  • ➢  Contains very important vitamins, lipids and minerals

  • ➢  High protein (+18%)

  • ➢  Crude fat - not less than 7%

  • ➢  Crude fiber - not more than 2%

    What you will observe:

    Increased brood production
    Healthier, stronger and happier bees
    Ready to feed when you need it
    Highest protein content available (18% or more) Increases bees year round.
    Bees LOVE the product.


Feed half the bag to 6 frames covered with bees.

Feed from fall throughout spring continuously.

Always feed sugar syrup at the same time.

You can freeze your pollen patties to keep them fresh.


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