Stimulation of the Queen with1 Gallon Sugar Syrup and Feeding Bucket PICK UP

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This bee food is an all natural sugar syrup formulated for starting a new beehive, but is great for feeding year round.

It consists of inverted sucrose which has a larger molecule than regular sugar. It appears sweeter to the bees and can be digested by the bees more easily. We added all natural essential oils of lemon grass and spearmint to stimulate the queen to lay. The feed is highly concentrated and should be diluted with 50% water for feeding. The bucket contains one gallon of feed and is good for two feedings. 

Place these feeders above the brood nest over the hole of the cover. If you don't have a hole in the cover then you can place an empty hive body over it to protect it and the bees from the elements. The one gallon feeder has a stainless screen melted into lid.


This product is PICK UP ONLY.

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