Strength and Health with Pro Biotic Mineral Supplement SHIPPING

Strength and Health with Pro Biotic Mineral Supplement SHIPPING

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Benefitial Probiotic bacteria in the bees gut  aid  digestion and absorption of nutrients.

This benefits the health and strength of the bees and helps them live longer.

Probiotics help to enhance honey bee digestive health and immunity at all developmental stages, improving resistance, survivability, and overall health.

Directions: Put 2oz into one gallon of sugar syrup. It can also be used in full concentration, spraying it on the bees when the temperature is above 70 degrees.

Background Information:

Due to the chronic degradation of bees from the environment toxins, such as herbicides,

insecticides, and fungicides, and the lower nutrition provided by plants due to soil

depletion, us as beekeepers have to evolve to find new nutrition 

strategies to combat the increasing chemical toxins and poor nutrition available. 

We are seeing high death loses in hives, poor honey production and colony 

collapse disorder. The bees do not have the energy nor the health to work hard 

and stay alive. .

The recent collapse of the bees created by environmental toxins are potent 

antibiotics that kill most beneficial microbes and stimulate pathogenic organisms 

to replace them. Beneficial microbes such as Iactobacillus and bifidiobacterium 

inside the bees gut are greatly compromised and are replaced by toxic 


Pathogenic microbes produce alcohol, toxins. formaldehyde and many 

more poisonous compounds that destroy the bees gut. When toxins enter the 

bees blood stream it throws the immune system into hyper speed to try and

detox the bee. Normal bee activities are so greatly compromised, that they will

soon die in large-numbers.

The solution to the toxins in the environment is feeding probiotics to

increase beneficial gut microfiora levels. Feeding probiotics which enhances the

processing and absorption of foods into nutrition like, amino acids. proteins,

lipids, carbohydrates, growth regulators, vitamins, antioxidants that are all

necessary for nutrition. Feeding probiotics is a very important addition for any

complete feeding program.

The replacement by feeding probiotics increases the level of beneficial gut

microflora is essential to regenerate a healthy immune system. A healthy

digestive system is responsible for 70%; or more of the immune system.

In short, we are replacing the beneficial gut microflora that these chemical

toxins are killing. Se we are replacing the elements needed by the biology and the

bees by feeding probiotics increasing the bees ability to function, through

reproduction and to assimilate and utilize nutrition. The bees are also using the

minerals to rebuild and maintain their structural and functional internal systems.

This is the basis of all living organism.

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